Lunch – Choose 2  

Awesome Potato Soup / Salad

The taste of fall in this hearty potato soup. A little garnish of cheddar cheese and green onion and you have a satisfying lunch.

Spicy Pimento Cheese-Bacon-Avocado Sandwiches / Yummy Coleslaw 

Awesome homemade pimento cheese with a bit of spicy kick. Add bacon and avocado for a really scrumptious sandwich. Side of coleslaw made with cabbage and broccoli. 

Chicken & Corn Chowder / Salad

Yummy on a cool weekend! Sweet corn and chicken is light but satisfying meal with a side salad. Warm and cool!                             

Chicken Salad Wraps / Sliced Vegetables and Dip

Soft flour tortillas available including lettuce and tomato to wrap around a yummy chicken salad with almonds and pineapple.  Sliced carrots and celery available with a dill dip on the side.  

Fresh Market Sandwiches / Corn Salad

Wonderful croissants filled with ham, Swiss cheese and a poppy seed dressing served warm. Scrumptious corn salad made with zucchini, tomato, cucumber and of course, corn.

Southern Cobb Salad

Creamy cheese dressing pulls together crisp chicken, black-eyed peas, sweet peppers and deviled eggs for a satisfying salad.

Sharp Mountain Retreat

Want to avoid the hassle of planning, shopping, transporting and preparing all of your meals for the weekend?
We make it simple for you.                                    

$70/per person

Price includes 6 meals:
Friday dinner
Saturday breakfast
Saturday lunch
Saturday dinner
Sunday breakfast
Sunday lunch
Tea/Coffee are provided and basket of healthy snacks
Soda / alcoholic beverages / juice not provided

Minimal preparation time on your part---Just heat and serve  All meals will be stocked in the refrigerator when you arrive along with easy to follow heating instructions. Selections are made per group – no individual selections. Payment must be made at time of rental payment. Easy! Easy! Easy! Minimum of 8 guests required for catering. Special dietary requests may not be available.
Breakfast – Choose 2  

Maine French Toast / Fruit

Crispy oven baked French Toast has a light topping with almonds. This is just like the delicious French Toast we had in a B&B in Maine. A light drizzle of syrup and a side of fruit.

Hearty Quiche / Fruit

Spinach, mushrooms, ham and 3 cheeses combine for the wonderful change from your everyday breakfast. Cooked in advance so that the flavors have combined. Just heat and eat.  A side of fruit makes this a great start to the morning. 

Hash Brown Casserole / Fruit

One of our favorites.  This casserole is superb with ham, onion and cheese!  Prepared in advance and only needs to be heated up quickly.                            

Apple Cinnamon French Toast / Sausage

Yummy Apple Cinnamon French toast casserole. Layers of cinnamon bread, apples and egg mixture. Mini sausage patties served on the side. 

Brunch Strata / Toast
Delicious strata with mushrooms, zucchini, ham and cheese. Add a slice of toast and this is a hearty breakfast.

Dinner– Choose 2  

Blackened Chicken Pasta / Green Beans

Creamy alfredo bowtie pasta with juicy chicken and Portobello mushrooms. Blackened seasoning is not strong but full of flavor! Fresh green beans as a side dish.

Creamy Chicken Enchilada's / Lettuce Tomato Side

Creamy chicken enchiladas prepared with onions and white meat chicken, topped with a creamy light cheese sauce. Garnish with salsa, sour cream and cilantro if you like.


Chicken & Vegetable Kabobs / Baked Potato

Marinated white breast chicken on skewers to just pop on the grill. Vegetables are skewered for easy cooking and cleanup. Add a baked potato to the plate and your meal is done.                          

Pork Loin / Hearty Rice / Broccoli Salad

Seasoned pork loin is ready to be placed in the oven. An awesome sauce accompanies the pork loin along with rice and broccoli salad.

Homemade Baked Ziti / Salad
Baked ziti makes you feel like you are in an Italian kitchen. Warm and satisfying. Fresh green salad as a side dish.